Trekking in Bucegi with spanish group

trekking. Bucegi

Javier is for 4th time together with us in Romanian Mountains.

Based in south of Spain, he loves Romanian culture, music and nature and is trying to share all these with his best friends… So Javier always comes with his friends at the beginning of December.

This year we did a 3 days trek in Bucegi Mts. including the ascent of the highest peak – Omu (2.507m). We had fantastic days, cold but sunny, snow but no wind. What can we expect better?

Thanks ”amigos”, see you next year!

Snowshoeing in Eastern Carpathians

snowshoeing. Harghita

Romanian Eastern Carpathians starts from Brasov to east, ending up in the north, at the border with Ukraine.

Less rocky compared with the famous Southern Carpathians, the Eastern range offers great winter adventures for those looking for remote areas with poor way marking system, where outdoor navigation (map and compass) is a must.

Recently we did some lovely snowshoeing tours in Harghita Mountains, the area with Romanian Hungarian native speakers, with their specific culture and traditions.

We found deep snow and fantastic forests, as usual!

Spanish friends in Carpathians


As usual in the last years, a group of Spanish came at the beginning of December in Romania to enjoy the fresh snow during a two days trek on the north side of Bucegi Natural Park.

The trek started at 900m altitudine in Prahova valley and ended one day later high above 1.700m altitude. If the first day the whiteout had been omnipresent, in the second half of the second day we saw the blue sky…

Cold, white trees, emptiness and solitude, fresh snow, a remote and silent hut, hot wine around a wood fire…

How else could you start the new winter season?