Via ferrata in Eastern Carpathians

via ferrata. Hasmas

First time in Romania… first time on via ferrata… and more to come, from now on!

Few days ago we made a lovely trip in Eastern Carpathians (Hasmas Mts.) with a very enjoyable couple from Israel looking for outdoor adventure in Carpathians.

We done two beautiful via ferrata routes nearby Lacu Rosu area (Bicaz Gorges), both ranked around C-D with 150-200m in elevation.

As a result…

”Thanks a lot for the pictures! They are really beautiful and it’s a great memory of our 2 days trip with you. Thank you so much for that!!!! We really enjoyed it. We’ll contact you for our next trip in Romania :)”

(Lauren Carmeli, Israel)


Family walking in Brasov Mountains

Trekking. Bucegi

We are in full summer season and all mountain paths from Brasov mountains are full with mountain lovers.

These days we have been in Piatra Mare and Bucegi Mountain, with a lovely Spanish – Romanian family, willing to to do as much as possible.

The ”Șapte Scări” Canyon very close to Brasov is a popular objective, a place not to be missed. You just need a waterproof jacket for the canyon itself and do not go there in weekends!

Another day we went above 2.000m altitudine, on the high alpine plateau of Bucegi Mountains Natural Park. Here you can find many geological figures, including the most popular ”Babele” and ”Sfinx”, surrounded by legends and strange stories.

Regarding Bucegi plateau, must be said that despite the flat and easy terrain in full sunny days, the plateau is a huge trap for those who forget where they are: on a high and open plateau above 2.000m altitude!

Mountain bike and kayak in Northern Dobrogea

An exotic tour which combine mountain biking and kayaking.

South East corner of Romania, nearby Galati city – the biggest harbor in the Lower Danube, is the Gate of Danube Delta and the land of three rivers: Siret (647km), Prut (953km) and Danube (2.860km) – the second biggest river from Europe.

On its way to the Black Sea, just around 120km away (80 miles), Danube river has to pass one last obstacle, the final barrier on its way to freedom: Măcin Mountains.

Our special and unique eco-touristic program invites you to explore by kayak and mountain bike both, Lower Danube river and Măcin Mountains and the fabulous water and mountains mixture.

This program is dedicated to all active persons able to bike and paddle around 8 hours/day.

bike. kayak. Macin. Galati


When: July 11 – 15th (4 nights)

We start and end our tour in Galați city, the biggest harbor in Lower Danube.

Level of difficulty: Mediumlogo_cziml2013

Group: up to 12 persons

The program is for adults only, over 18 years old.

There is no need of experience for kayaking.

All participants must have the minimum skills for mountain biking.

Equipment and services included:

  • kayak instructor and mountain guides;
  • sea kayak for each person (single or double)
  • personal safety equipment for water activities;
  • bike and kayak transfer;
  • personal luggage transfer;
  • minibus for transfer between river and mountains;
  • photos during the tour;

Our intention is to develop the local small green tourism businesses. So, with our local partners from Galați and surroundings we provide also:

  • accommodation: 4 nights in hotel, pension and camping;
  • breakfast: 4 days;mila 80
  • traditional dinner in remote places: 1 day;

Not included:

  • mountain bike. You can rent one, at request;
  • personal safety equipment for biking: helmet, gloves, sun glasses etc.;
  • travel to/from Galați city;
  • dinner where restaurants are available;
  • lunch pack for each day;
  • personal camping equipment for 1 night: summer sleeping bag and mattress;

For full program and booking, please contact us directly.