Singing in the rain…

Rock climbing. Children. PostavaruThe famous song is a good anthem for those willing to escape in the wild nature during the poor weather, as we did few days ago with some very nice group of families: children and adults.

Despite the cloudy weather, the parents and children (6-8 years old) were hungry for a good bite of fresh air.

Saturday – 29 Oct. we walked along the Măgura ridge (Piatra Craiului) for a half day, discovering the beauty of the nature prepared for winter season. We found also a very fresh dust of snow on the surface of the grass,  good to discover the footprint of the wild animals.

One day later, with a different group of parents and children (10 – 14 years old) we had a more adventurous day: rock climbing and abseiling! This time the activities took place in Postăvaru Mts., close to Râșnov city where is located the famous fortress.

The activities where coordinated by Marian Anghel, the author of the first Romanian guidebook for ”Family walking in Brașov Mountains”.

This guidebook can be purchased online or directly from the bookshops on the way to Brașov Council Square.

Zărnești village, Piatra Craiului Mts. and Postăvaru Mts. are very close to Brașov city (15-20 minutes by car), being a very good option for a quick nature escape for both, adults and children.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about outdoor options in Brașov surroundings.