Bucegi Haute Route. Ski touring

Bucegi. Ski touring

The classic traverse of Bucegi Mts. is one of the most popular program from our offer and are a lot of reasons… from the cultural stuff and castles at the beginning and the end of the tour, to great runs, high peaks (above 2.500m alt.), good food and accommodations!

Last week we have been again in Bucegi for the Haute Route with an excellent group of  Brits willing to discover the beauties of Romanian mountains in winter season. And they did!

The weather was far from perfect, clear skies and mist, snow, hail and rain, sometimes all together. But we successfully followed our original schedule, including the climbing of the highest peak from Bucegi, followed by a superb run back in the valley on a perfect spring snow.

As a final conclusion… everybody would like to return in Romanian Mountains as soon as possible!

Trekking in wilderness. Vrancea Mountains

Vrancea. Trekking

Eastern Carpathians are only 1.5 – 2 hours away from Brașov, but the beautiful high mountains surrounding this city are putting lower mountains in a big shadow.

Last week we did a lovely trek in Vrancea Mountains, where the highest peak is lower 2.000m altitudine. But the mountains are fabulous, a wild place where you can still feel the silent solitude, lost in the forest with bears, wolfs and many foxes.

We did a nice walk along Tisita canyon, with its former forest train tunnels and also we ascended along the most ”alpine” ridge of Vrancea Mountains, ending our tour back in a small canyon called ”Strâmtura” with  its strange geological colors.

After we saw many footprints, during our trek we met two young bears (Brown Bear – Ursus Arctos). Unfortunately, there were too shy to capture them on good pictures.

For more details about our unique treks in Romanian Mountains, please contact us.

Discovering the Carpathian Wildlife

wildlife. CiucasAs outdoor tour operator, we have been invited recently to discover the latest field activities done by the ”Carpathia” Foundation, our neighbors located south of Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) is involved in creating a new, non-destructive economy around the Fagaras Mountains for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities. Once the project is completed, this new National Park should be a world-class wilderness, an icon for conservation in Europe, and a National Park which will be seen as the “Yellowstone of Europe”.

After a short indoor talking and presentations, we have been transported to see some of the most important infrastructure created by the Foundation special for wildlife observation.

We appreciated very much the work done by the Foundation and for sure we will be back in the area!

Besides wildlife observations, the south eastern part of Fagaras Mountains are splendid both, summer and winter, for trekking, cycling, snowshoeing and ski touring.

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