Active families in Brasov Mountains

Trekking. Crai. Families

At the beginning of July, we organized a series of outdoor activities for families with children in the mountains of Braşov – Zarnesti area, about which we wrote a beautiful guide book – lovely mountains accessible regardless of the weather conditions.

Of course, we avoided the classical, popular and crowded objectives such as Râşnov Fortress, Bran Castle or Zarnesti Bear Reserve, trying to discover together with our “guests” unusual places and far from tourist crowds.

Hiking on “hidden” trails, rock climbing both children and parents or even lonely ones (the brave!), mountain biking, explorations in the underground darkness and plenty of other collateral activities that have made the delights of the big and small ones.

For more about our activities please ask us directly.

Trekking in wilderness. Vrancea Mountains

Vrancea. Trekking

Eastern Carpathians are only 1.5 – 2 hours away from Brașov, but the beautiful high mountains surrounding this city are putting lower mountains in a big shadow.

Last week we did a lovely trek in Vrancea Mountains, where the highest peak is lower 2.000m altitudine. But the mountains are fabulous, a wild place where you can still feel the silent solitude, lost in the forest with bears, wolfs and many foxes.

We did a nice walk along Tisita canyon, with its former forest train tunnels and also we ascended along the most ”alpine” ridge of Vrancea Mountains, ending our tour back in a small canyon called ”Strâmtura” with  its strange geological colors.

After we saw many footprints, during our trek we met two young bears (Brown Bear – Ursus Arctos). Unfortunately, there were too shy to capture them on good pictures.

For more details about our unique treks in Romanian Mountains, please contact us.

Welcome in Carpathians! Summer is here

Piatra Mare. Drumetie.

The snow is melting fast in Romanian Carpathians. There is still a lot of snow above 2.000m altitudine, but not for long.

Without glaciers, our lovely mountains became a walking paradise during the summer season, where you can enjoy wildlife, local cuisine or the strange mixture of Romanian – German – Hungarian culture (Transylvania).

We have many plans this spring/summer and if you would like to escape in our mountains, somewhere around Brasov, but not only, give us a call.

Below, some pictures from the last season.