Scrambling in Carpathians

We opened the scrambling season in Romanian Carpathians!

Day tours from Bucharest or Brașov for small groups (1-3 persons) willing to challenge themselves in the mountains.

Please contact us for details.

Scrambling is “a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one’s hands”. It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. The romanian equivalent term is ”carpatism”.

Scrambling is a very popular activity in Romania, mostly in Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains which are close to Brașov and Bucharest. Most of the trekkers who want to do more exposed treks without going in climbing or mountaineering area, are starting to practice scrambling.

UIMLA badgeIn Romanian Carpathians, both Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains offer lovely scrambling routes. Some of them are easier than the others and all routes can be divided in two main categories:

  • steep narrow and rocky alpine valley (couloirs);
  • horizontal grassy ledges hanging high above the abysses;

Dried season, without snow, is the best time for scrambling in Romanian mountains and the normal season starts in June and ends somewhere in November.

Most of the routes can be done from the valley in one summer day and require a good level of fitness, the average height to climb being around +800m/1.000m.

A minimum climbing equipment and knowledge is a must, for obvious safety reasons.

We organize different scrambling tours, according to our clients skills and fitness with national and international qualified guides.

Renting equipment available also!

MTB and kayaking in Lower Danube region

Biking. Macin

Last days we enjoyed a lovely mix tour in a mountain region less known for mass tourism: Lower Danube and Măcin Mountains.

South East corner of Romania, nearby Galati city – the biggest harbor in the Lower Danube, is the Gate of Danube Delta and the land of three rivers: Siret (647km), Prut (953km) and Danube (2.860km) – the second biggest river from Europe.

On its way to the Black Sea, just around 120km away (80 miles), Danube river has to pass one last obstacle, the final barrier on its way to freedom: Măcin Mountains.

For 4 days we had to paddle over 70km along Danube river and to bike around 50km (+1.500m) with some short technical sections.

We had a great and motivated group, including the youngest one: a 14 years old strong young lady!

Stay tuned, we will be back on the river and mountains to repeat the experience!

Active families in Brasov Mountains

Trekking. Crai. Families

At the beginning of July, we organized a series of outdoor activities for families with children in the mountains of Braşov – Zarnesti area, about which we wrote a beautiful guide book – lovely mountains accessible regardless of the weather conditions.

Of course, we avoided the classical, popular and crowded objectives such as Râşnov Fortress, Bran Castle or Zarnesti Bear Reserve, trying to discover together with our “guests” unusual places and far from tourist crowds.

Hiking on “hidden” trails, rock climbing both children and parents or even lonely ones (the brave!), mountain biking, explorations in the underground darkness and plenty of other collateral activities that have made the delights of the big and small ones.

For more about our activities please ask us directly.