Bucegi Haute Route. Ski touring

Bucegi. Ski touring

The classic traverse of Bucegi Mts. is one of the most popular program from our offer and are a lot of reasons… from the cultural stuff and castles at the beginning and the end of the tour, to great runs, high peaks (above 2.500m alt.), good food and accommodations!

Last week we have been again in Bucegi for the Haute Route with an excellent group of  Brits willing to discover the beauties of Romanian mountains in winter season. And they did!

The weather was far from perfect, clear skies and mist, snow, hail and rain, sometimes all together. But we successfully followed our original schedule, including the climbing of the highest peak from Bucegi, followed by a superb run back in the valley on a perfect spring snow.

As a final conclusion… everybody would like to return in Romanian Mountains as soon as possible!

Ski touring in Bucegi Mts.

ski touring. Bucegi. winter

Bucegi Mts. are situated very close to Bucharest (1.5 – 2 hours) on the way to Brasov.

Sinaia ski resort with Peles Castle are on the south east side of these mountains, Prahova valley being the most important road access in the area.

The highest peak – Omu (2.504m alt.) is one of the 13th peaks above 2.500m altitude from Romanian Carpathians, a target in summer and winter for those who want to collect them all!

Last days we skinned up on the west side of Bucegi Mts. very close to Omu peak (+ 1.280m) for a long and lovely ski descent back in the valley toward Bran village (Dracula Castle).

We did not actually reach the highest peak because we did not wanted to. The last section was pure ice, not very funny for ski. We found better snow lower in the valley, sheltered by the wind and not higher up!

A great ski tour with some great persons!

Bucegi ski touring circuit

Bucegi. skiBucegi Mts. are one of the most accesible mountain range from Romanian Carpathians, only 2.5 hours by car from Bucharest International Airport and 1 hour away from Brasov – one of the most important touristic city from Romania.

The highest peak is Omu (”The Man”, 2.504m alt.) where can be found also the highest and the oldest original mountain hut (since 1926) from Romanian Carpathians.

In winter season these mountains are very popular for ski touring and not only.

Bucegi ski touring circuit is one of the most requested program from our winter offer, being both not so long and strenuous but still remote and with gorgeous views.

In one full weekend you can cross over the whole massif – including the highest peak, starting from the lovely Moeciu de Sus village, close to Draculas`s castle and our headquarter to the popular Sinaia ski resort with the famous Peles castle. Or reversely.

Exactly what we did last days…