trekking. Bucegi. bannerIn Romanian mountains, in summer season is a pleasant mix between wild nature and rural life, where you can still see the traditional occupations specific to mountains around the world, but long lost in Europe: shepherding, hunting and woodworking.

For our clients we organize:

If you stay few days in Brasov, we offer a great opportunity for peak baggers!

”Brasov six peaks circuit” means to reach the surrounding six highest and most important peaks nearby Brasov. Each peak can be reached in one long day, if you are fit enough and know the shortest/fastest trail.

The collection of six peaks:

  1. Tampa Peak (960m alt.), Postavaru Mts.;
  2. Magura Codlei (1.292m), Persani Mts.;
  3. Postăvaru Peak (1.799m alt.), Postavaru Mts. 
  4. Piatra Mare Peak (1.844m alt.), Piatra Mare Mts.
  5. Piscul Baciului Peak/La Om Peak (2.239m alt.), Piatra Craiului Mts.
  6. Omu Peak (2.505m alt.), Bucegi Mts.

Special for those willing to try more adventurous ascents, we organize a very local version of scrambling called ”carpatism” in Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mts.

”Carpatism” is an excellent mixture between trekking and easy rock climbing, very popular in Romania. Some routes may require basic climbing equipment, others may not.

Technical equipment provided for these kind of tours.

For those who want more, we organize:

  • Multi days tours in higher and strenuous mountains: Făgăraș, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului.

We walk 6-8 hours per day, with overnight at different basic mountain huts. You have to be fit enough to enjoy the walking day by day with light packs.